Shooting for Living Water & Alex and Ani in Guatemala

Here’s the first cut of the first video we produced for Alex and Ani and Living Water International, two amazing companies that are truly helping the world.

I got the assignment just a week prior to departing for Guatemala.  Charity by Design, a division of Alex and Ani focused on empowering and donating to local and national charities, had raised money to install a clean water well in a village in Guatemala with the help of Living Water International.

Living Water International is an organization dedicated to spreading the love of God by helping small, rural villages around the world gain access to clean water.

I was going to document the trip and to help create a video that will play in October in Texas, at the upcoming gala event for LWI and Charity by Design.

My week in Guatemala was a special time.  I gathered some beautiful content, met some truly terrific people, and had a life-changing experience spending time in the small village in Champerico.  More to come!

Alex and Ani Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial


Produced by Seven Swords Media

shot—> david bettencourt with blake leverence & stephen petto
cut—> katie roach
music—> mauro colangelo

This spot, created for our client Alex and Ani, was shot with the Canon 1DC in locations across Rhode Island.

It played in 25 markets across the United States on 2/2/14 during Super Bowl XLVIII, including Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

Time again for the Alex and Ani Super Bowl Commercials!

So proud to once again be a part of the Alex and Ani Super Bowl commercial!  This year, as cinematographer at Seven Swords Media, I worked with some incredibly talented people to produce a teaser commercial as well as a Super Bowl spot for Alex and Ani.

Shot with the Canon 1DC, the spots feature footage shot all around the great state of Rhode Island…see if you can guess the neighborhoods!  I’ll buy you a bangle if you’re right!

Here’s the teaser…